Jason has been endorsed by numerous parents, elected officials, community leaders and organizations including:

(in alphabetical order by last name)

Theresa Amador, former Monterey Park City Clerk

Nancy Arcuri
Ivy Au

Mary Ann and Mike Barlow
Nena Calica

Tony and Oriana Chan

Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA) Greater San Gabriel Valley lodge
Betty Tom Chu, former Monterey Park Mayor/Councilmember

Tom and Kim Cody
Angie Reyes English, City of Hawthorne councilwoman

Bob Gin, Alhambra Unified School District Boardmember

Sandy Hidalgo, President, Monterey Park Woman's Club

Jon and Christine Hum
Shirley Hwong, Monterey Highlands Past PTA President

Gloria Ing

Mitchell Ing, former Monterey Park Mayor/Councilmember

Steve and Jaime Inzunza

Steven and Fidelia Klein

Scott Kwong, President, CACA Greater San Gabriel Valley lodge

Ricardo Lara, Maywood Mayor, Mark Keppel alumni, MPK raised

May May Lee

Wayne Lee

Margaret Leung

Tammy Louie

Alex Ly

Alicia Martinez

Charles Mau, past President CACA Greater San Gabriel Valley lodge

Julie Nguyen, San Gabriel City Clerk

Paul Perez, J.D.
Kristen Phung

Peter and Tiffany Phung
John Quintanilla, Rosemead School District Boardmember

Dolores Rillos

Delario and Diana Robinson
Tammy Sam

George and Karina Shafer

Reggie Shum

Gloria Smith

Larry and Carol Sullivan

Bonnie Tam

Nanette Thompson

Sengduane Tom
Katherine Torres, Monterey Park Woman's Club Past President

Benjamin "Frank" Venti, former Monterey Park Mayor/Councilmember

Linda Wong

Catherine Wills
Linda Wilson, past City Librarian, Business & Professional Women past President

John Wong, Founding President CACA Greater San Gabriel Valley lodge

Dr. Sophie Wong, former Alhambra Unified School District Boardmember 
Elizabeth Yang

Cindy Yee

Rolanda Yee

Yvonne Yiu, Monterey Park Councilmember

Janet Yu